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A career is the series of work-related positions a person occupies thoroughout life. People pursue careers to satisfy individual needs. Careers are different from before and their evolution puts a premium on career development by both the employers and the employees.

HELVIA career planning considers both organisation-centered and individual-centered perspectives. It deals with career transitions and special individual career issues like e.g.: women, dual-career couples and technical workers.

HELVIA professionals have the competence, the experience and the high-touch to deal effectively with this highly-sensistive issue.

Organisation-centered Career Planning
It focuses on identifying career paths that provide for the logical progression of peope between jobs in an organisation. HELVIA helps in crafting career paths (upward, cross-funtionally and horizontally) and to retain key employees.

Individual-centered Career Planning
It focuses on an individual's responsibility for a career rather than on organisational needs. HELVIA underpins individuals to successfully manage their own carreers, through "Self-assessments" (interests, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses), "Feedbacks on reality" (how well they are doing) and "Setting of career goals" (desired paths).

Career Progressions
HELVIA helps address emotional adjustments faced by many retirees (self-direction, a need to belong, sources of achievement, personal space, anxieties about finances, etc.) and to tacke correctly "career plateaus" through serminars, job rotation, etc.

Career Transitions
HELVIA is committed to sustain individuals in stressfull situations like e.g. organisational entry and socialization for younger new hires ("Entry-shocks"), transfers and promotions for employees to develop and "job losses", causing depression, anxiety and nervousness, that could affect the entire family.

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