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Equal Emplyment Opportunity (EEO) and diversity represent major issues for HR in most organisation. EEO is the law and managing diversity is the challenge that accompanies it. At the core of equal employment is the concept of discrimination (illegal) based on race, ethnic, color, gender, age, disability, religion, marital status, sexual orientation. Discrimination in a growing concern as most of the western european countries become more diverse.

HELVIA has developed a comprehensive range of proven methodologies to protect class members that are unfairly treated differently from others in employment decisions and to protect class members that are underpresented in a workforce. Two approaches are at the forefront of HELVIA efforts: to foster non discriminatory practices and to assess the fullfillment of affirmative actions.

HELVIA Executives have gained a track record of over 20 years in blue-chip with equal employment and diversity management best practices and have dealt with people and cultures spanning the continents. Here are our solutions:

Diversity Training Programme
HELVIA is highly-committed to promote diversity trainings both in Switerland and Italy with the purpose to improve acceptance of people with different backgrounds, experiences, capabilities and lifestyles. Our programe focuses on "Legal awareness" (do's and dont's), "Cultural awareness" (differences among people") and "Sensitivity Training" (sensitizing people). We include also tailored exercises to train appropriate behaviours and skills in relationship with others.

LeaderShE Programme
We sustain women encountering glass ceilings in the workplace. Through facilitation strategies, sensibilisation programs at all level, access to management training and line experience, mentors and role models at the highest levels as well as admittance to formal and informal networks women are helped in avancing to management and executive-level positions.

Olders Programme
In past decade, many employers have used early retirement programs and organisational downsizing to reduce their employment costs. HELVIA prevent age discrimination and ensures that equal treatment for older workers occurs in early retirement or severance situations. Through tailor-made psycological supports, psycotherapeutical cares, phased retirements and part time jobs older workers are helped to overcome critical professional times.

Sexual Harassment Programme
Sexual harassment refers to actions that are sexually directed, are unwanted, and subject the worker to adverse employment conditions or create a hostile work envinronment. HELVIA helps companies applying national norms and best pratices designed to curtail sexual harassment betwen a boss and a subordinate, among co-workers and when non-employees have business contact with employees.

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