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"Getting things done is the art of stress-free productivity." (David Allen)

No worthwhile strategy can be planned without taking into account the organization's ability to execute it.

Executing a strategy can be a challenge for HR professionals and company executives, especially when management and employees are not aligned to the corporate's business objectives. Indeed strategy without execution is like a sports car without horsepowers. It looks great in the driveway but impresses no one out on the road!

On average, less than 30% of new strategies successfully achieve the planned business goals. When implementing a strategy, aligning employees with company objectives and shared values helps increasing your success rate as well as it is of a paramount importance the creation of highly-committed and engaged employees to realise it.

HELVIA supports clients' management in putting their strategic plan into "motion" more effectively, efficiently and quickly. Our consultants get deeply involved in the substance and details of your strategic process and they embed execution in the norms of behaviour practiced within your organisation.

HELVIA puts at work the 3 types of capital that any organisation must have to execute its strategy:

Competence Capital
It measures the fit between a strategy's requirements and the skills, attitudes and experience of an organisation's employees. Does your company have all capabilities needed to successfully underpin the execution of your strategy?

Motivation Capital
It measures the organisation's ability to match and satisfy its employees' expectations. Does your company nurture and drive your people to outperform in their day to day activities?

Organisational Capital
It measures the fit between a company's strategy and the setting and dynamic of the organisational model. Does your company attributes the right responsibilities and reward the right efforts and outcomes? How HELVIA can help your organisation?
Our consultants will work elbow-to-elbow with client’s management to design and implement a focused approach to execute your strategy, based upon: “Know what you want” (Vision and Objectives), “How to achieve it” (Plans and Programs) and “How to make it happen” (Action and Control). Building on our expertise we can help you by:
• establishing a clear and widespread understanding of the nature of strategy and the practical need for leadership by intention;
• developing planning and communication “know-how” to align middle management activities and coordinate both operational and strategic agenda;
• cultivating the leadership behaviours that enable optimal execution effectiveness, through inclusiveness and “unit of effort”.

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